Traders who completed a 2023 application form, will need not reapply as we will be revisiting all applications,  A priority reserve list has been formed for 2022 applicants.
If you are thinking of applying to trade with us in the future please take time to read the information below.


Hundreds of food traders, charities, campaigning organisations and sellers of the bizarre and unique apply to trade at the Park & Lyme Festival each year. Pitches are not allocated on a first-come first-served basis. We assess each application on its own merit so we ask for as much information as possible including photographs of pitches and products. There will be more than 1000 people on-site, with the public arriving from Friday night.


* Please read thoroughly even if you have traded at the PARK & LYME before *


The presentation and appearance of your stall are important as are the goods you are proposing to sell. The online application process requires you to upload photos of your stall and products. If you do not have photos of your stall, we would need to see a sketch or artist’s impression of how your stall would look if it were at PARK & LYME. We look for creative and aesthetically pleasing stalls which fit in with the ethics of the Festival and are keen for the Festival Markets to be full of good quality food/products, at a fair price.

Due to the size of PARK & LYME, a festival trading experience is essential. Feedback from other traders tells us this is invaluable especially when planning stock levels and staffing.

When completing your application, please ensure stall and pitch sizes are accurate. We need to know precisely what space you require – do not guess. We use the information you give us to plan our market areas and are unable to make changes once space has been allocated. We request four measurements from you – stall width and depth and pitch width and depth. Stall sizes must include your trading structure and any additional kitchen/preparation area you may have. The pitch sizes need to include your stall as well as an exact width for guy ropes/tow hooks and in terms of depth, space for any essential onsite vehicles, trailers, caravans, campervans, and space for your staff to camp. We will be asking successful applicants to draw their pitch layout which must include the stall itself, and all onsite vehicles.


In your application, we would ask that you give details of everything you wish to sell onsite. Successful applicants will be advised in their Offer to Trade of any products listed on their application that cannot be sold. We are very careful to minimise product clashes across site and selling products without prior authorisation will be considered a breach of the Terms & Conditions. Contraband items are detailed in our Terms and Conditions which form part of the application process.

Traders are prohibited to sell any form of alcoholic beverages. All alcohol/alcoholic beverages will be sold by the PARK & LYME Team.


Prices vary between £50 – £300 according to the type of trader/vendor space that you require. All prices are subject to VAT.

A 50% deposit is required to secure your space, your balance is due two weeks prior to the event.

There are limited spaces available for traders/vendors, once successful you will receive an email from our response team stating the price in which you will be required to pay for your allocated space.

Cancellation policy:
Your initial 50% deposit is non-refundable.
If you cancel 1 month prior to the event, no further fees are payable.
If you cancel less than 1 month prior to the event date, a total of 50% is charged and all other monies will be refunded.
If the event is canceled due to government-imposed restrictions/unforeseen circumstances, all funds will be carried over to a future date or refunded if a date cannot be agreed on by management.

All personnel operating from stalls are required to keep their surroundings clean and in a hygienic manner.


Use of the PARK & LYME Festival logo, name (including just the name PARK & LYME/PARK N LYME), and/or images on any goods or promotional material are strictly prohibited. This applies to social media, websites, and press coverage.

Ground conditions can become very wet; you must ensure you are prepared. A raised floor can be particularly important for food traders. Your stall must be sturdy enough to sustain strong wind and heavy rain throughout the Festival. You and your staff need to be prepared for all weather conditions.

All food must be served in/on disposables made from either wood, paper/cardboard, or leaves, this includes straws and pizza trays. The rules around composting are very strict and using non-compliant disposables may mean you are not invited back to trade in the future. Disposables labeled as compostable may not meet our requirements.

Fish, charcoal, and wood must be from a certified sustainable source.

The collection of cash or data on behalf of charities/campaigning organisations is prohibited without prior permission from the Main Marketing team. This includes a collection box on the front of your stall.
Sub-contracting, sub-letting, or the sharing of a stall or any part of a stall is strictly forbidden. We expect the Trader applying to be the Trader running and managing the stall on site.

No Generators are allowed on-site.

Traders who are successful in their application must only sell approved goods at prices specified in their application and agreed with the Marketing Team. The festival reserves the right to restrict your product list. Traders found to be selling products on site which are not on their application form, risk not being invited to trade in the future.

Traders wishing to sell goods or services to festival-goers in advance of the Festival (ie. Pre-orders) must have prior permission from the Marketing Team


No. All approved traders must have a static pitch from which to trade. Mobile/roaming traders and fly-pitchers are strictly prohibited. Anyone found to be selling products without the authorisation of the Marketing Team will have their items confiscated and may be evicted from the site.


All forms of charities are welcome to apply, please complete the relevant traders’ application giving as much information about what you do and what you would bring to the Festival. Please include photos and sketches to help with our assessment.


Whether you come to site as a food trader, crew caterer, bar, non-food trader, charity or campaigner, you are operating as a legitimate business and as such have to comply with current legislation. Regardless of whether or not you are selling a product or service to the public, you will need documentation in place, this includes, but does not:-
Public and Employers Liability Insurance Certificates
(Food traders are required to carry £5m cover)
(Non-food traders £1m cover)
– Health & Safety Documentation (Policies, Risk Assessments including COVID-19 Risk Assessment and Fire Risk Assessment, Training Records, etc.)
– PAT Test Certification
– Gas Safety Certificates (where applicable)
– Written Scheme of Examination for all pressurized Systems (including coffee machines)
– Food Safety Management System (SFBB, NCASS, COOKSAFE, or similar)
– Food Hygiene Training Certificate (food handlers only)
– Written allergen information on all unpackaged food. Please note, the law on Allergens is set to change, soon all Pre-Packaged Food for Direct Sales (PPDS) will need to carry allergen advice in the same way as packaged food is currently required to do. We will be insisting that all Pre-Packaged Food for Direct Sales (PPDS) carry a full list of ingredients. You may take this opportunity to make this information available for all your product offerings.

Food traders, crew caterers, and bars MUST be registered with a Local Authority.

All food traders, bars, and crew caterers will be visited onsite by Food Safety Officers. Before you begin to trade you MUST clearly display your TRADING CARD which will have been sent to you with your Trader Information Pack. Once trading, our Food Safety Officers will visit every trader and award either a Red, Amber, or Green Card based on their compliance with food safety legislation. Traders awarded a Green Card, are considered safe to continue trading. Traders receiving Amber cards will have some areas requiring attention and improvement but will be allowed to continue to trade. Any trader considered unsafe will receive a Red Card and will not be allowed to trade until a further inspection has taken place.


Your application data will only be used within the Festival office for the purpose of assessing suitability for trading at Park & Lyme Festival and will be held by us for a maximum of 5 years. Contact details of successful food traders will be passed onto our approved wholesalers to allow the sharing of price lists and other relevant information. Your details will not be shared or sold to any third parties. If you wish for us to delete your data after the Festival, please email