Get ready for the PARK & LYME Festival. Bring you your friends and. that good vibe lets all have a great time
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Park & Lyme Drive-In Festival

The modern day term “Park n Lyme” is originally called Tailgating in the United States and Canada.
tailgate parties are known as a social event and is held on and around the open tailgate of a vehicle. Primarily this will take place in open parking lots or on or around large empty fields and involves consuming alcoholic beverages and grilling food amongst family and friends with fun games to play and good music.

The first time tailgating and sporting events were merged were in 1869, at the inaugural football game between Princeton and Rutgers. This was back when football more closely resembled rugby, with 25 players per team, and absolutely zero discussion whatsoever about concussion safety (or helmets for that matter). Before the game began, Rutgers fans gathered to eat food together while wearing scarlet scarves they had tied into turbans and set about creating a ruckus. The show of support seemed to work, as Rutgers went on to beat Princeton 6 – 4.

Today, tailgates remain just as popular as they were a century ago. Wood stoves have been swapped out for propane grills, scarlet turbans for cheese heads, and baseball caps. But tailgates represent far more than a chance to drink beer and eat red meat (both worthwhile pursuits on their own).

The camaraderie and revelry that brings us together — rain or shine, sleet or snow — parallels the action on the field and remains something near-impossible to find anywhere else.

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